Harvest Festival Market 2024

Location: Winkler Meridian Exhibition Centre

Dates: August 11, 12 +13 ,2023
Fri Aug 9 – 3:00 pm -8:00 pm
Sat Aug 10 – 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sun Aug 11 – 12:00pm – 8:00 pm
Applications will be available from May 7th – May 31st.  Late applications will be automatically added to our waitlist and contacted only if we have openings that their businesses are best suited for.
If you have been accepted to participate in the Harvest Festival Market, you will be contacted via email (the email on your application) between June 3rd + June 4th. If you have not been chosen you will also be notified. Please have our email on your safe lists or make a note to check your junk mail on this date.



Applications can be confusing sometimes so we wanted to be absolutely clear about what we are expecting on our application. 



Applications with availability for ALL 3 days of the Festival will be accepted first. We do accept single-day Makers but they will be chosen AFTER those available all weekend. Please take this into consideration when applying!

ALL booth payments will be due by July 1st **no exceptions** If you are unable to pay for your booth before the deadline then please do not apply. Any failure to pay before this deadline will have you removed from the Market and placed on the waitlist.
The last day to remove yourself from the Market is July 10th if you would like a refund (less a $50 administration fee). After this date, no refunds will be given. 
Please have plans in place for emergencies. We know that things come up and plans can quickly change so please plan for those ahead of time whether it’s extra people to help run your booth or friends to watch the little ones. Please be prepared for all scenarios.

We have multiple options in booth sizes to choose from. Please make sure that your whole display can fit into your chosen booth size. 

Your booth display is 100% up to you but we encourage you to make your space attractive and welcoming to shoppers. We DO have certain tables/chairs available to rent so please include that in your application.

Your booth does come with WIFI. However, please make sure that your systems work before you come to the Market and have a backup plan in case your POS doesn’t work.
Fawn & Cub is a juried artisan market which means that there are several criteria we look for when choosing who will be selected to participate. Here are some of the categories we look for:
– Products must be handmade or designed by yourself. We do not accept MLM’s, Antiques or reselling items. For those items, please contact us regarding our Foraged Finds Market.
– The uniqueness of your product (certain categories are oversaturated ex. soaps, candles, clay earrings, children’s accessories and wooden signs) We look for brands that stand out from the crowd.
– Consistency on social media (do you have a consistent presence advertising your brand/product) We look for brands who are wanting to grow rather than a seasonal product that you only advertise once a year (obviously this is different for our Christmas Market)
– Booth design (can be a previous Market photo or a drawing) We want to give our shoppers a fun and unique shopping experience.
In every market, we receive more applications than we can accept. We do our best to accept new makers while keeping a small number of makers within each category. If you have been showcased in the past,  this does not guarantee you a spot in our future markets however we do take your past presence in our markets into account.

Please do not apply if you do not have a plan in place in case you are unable to make it to the market as no refunds will be given after July 10th. It’s unfair to the makers who are on the waitlist and want to be a part of the market but aren’t able to participate just to have you cancel before the market. Please be respectful and have a backup plan.

 We want our Market to be an enjoyable experience for all. We will continue to work with Manitoba Heath; the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) and the City of Winkler to provide a fun shopping experience. Our Market will operate with full approval.

If you agree with all of the conditions above, please apply to our 2024 Harvest Festival Market!